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This jQuery plugin simplifies the usage of Bootstrap Pagintion. It uses appropriate classes: .pagination (you change this one), .active and .disabled. Check out the demo.

Page 1

    Here is corresponding piece of code:

            totalPages: 35,
            visiblePages: 7,
            onPageClick: function (event, page) {
                $('#page-content').text('Page ' + page);

    And HTML code:

        <ul id="pagination-demo" class="pagination-sm"></ul>

    Download master:

    Download .zip file Download .tar.gz file

    Options explanation

    Option name Description Type Default value
    totalPages The number of pages Number 1
    startPage The current page that show on start Number 1
    visiblePages Max visible pages Number 5
    initiateStartPageClick Fire click at start page when plugin initialized Bool true
    hideOnlyOnePage This hides all control buttons if it has one page Bool false
    href Generate query string or generate # Bool false
    pageVariable Template that will be replaced with page number String '{{page}}'
    totalPagesVariable Will be replaced with total pages number String '{{total_pages}}'
    page It can be used to customize page number label String null
    first Text label for the 'First' button String 'First'
    prev Label for the 'Previous' button String 'Previous'
    next Label for the 'Next' button String 'Next'
    last Label for the 'Last' button String 'Last'
    loop Carousel-style pagination Bool false
    onPageClick Callback on click event Function null
    paginationClass The root style for pagination component String 'pagination'
    nextClass CSS class(es) for the 'Next' button String 'page-item next'
    prevClass Class(es) for the 'Previous' button String 'page-item prev'
    lastClass Class(es) for the 'Last' button String 'page-item last'
    firstClass Class(es) for the 'First' button String 'page-item first'
    pageClass Class(es) for the page buttons String 'page-item'
    activeClass Class(es) for active button String 'active'
    disabledClass Class(es) for the disabled button(s) String 'disabled'
    anchorClass CSS class(es) for anchors inside buttons String 'page-link'


    Dynamic total pages number

    This is from frequently asked questions. For e.g. - How can I set new number of total pages? How can I initialize plugin with new set of options? How to refresh or redraw it?

    You can do it with two simple steps. Call destroy method and then initialize it with new options.

        var $pagination = $('selector');
        var defaultOpts = {
            totalPages: 20
            success: function (data) {
                var totalPages = data.newTotalPages;
                var currentPage = $pagination.twbsPagination('getCurrentPage');
                $pagination.twbsPagination($.extend({}, defaultOpts, {
                    startPage: currentPage,
                    totalPages: totalPages

      Here you can change the total pages:

      Synchronized pagination elements

      You can attach multiple paginators to your content and access them via class name. The following example show this case.

      HTML code:

          <ul class="sync-pagination"></ul>
          <div id="content">Page 1</div>
          <ul class="sync-pagination pagination-sm"></ul>

      JS code:

              totalPages: 20,
              onPageClick: function (evt, page) {
                  $('#content').text('Page ' + page);
        Page 1

          Bootstrap 4 example (in iframe)

          It shows how it look like with bootstrap 4 (version 4.0.0-alpha.4).

          Alternative style pagination (with start and end page numbers)

          For that purpose (see example view) I suggest flaviusmatis/simplePagination.js plugin.

          JS code:

                  items: 20,
                  itemOnPage: 8,
                  currentPage: 1,
                  cssStyle: '',
                  prevText: '<span aria-hidden="true">&laquo;</span>',
                  nextText: '<span aria-hidden="true">&raquo;</span>',
                  onInit: function () {
                      // fire first page loading
                  onPageClick: function (page, evt) {
                      // some code
          Page 1

            Methods 'enable' and 'disable' in action

            Page 1

              Push the buttons...

              JS code:

                  // ### IF YOU DON'T PASS onPageClick FUNCTION IN OPTIONS OBJECT
                  // ### TO FIRE IT DURING INITIALIZATION
                  var $edPag = $('#enable-disable-pagination').twbsPagination({
                      totalPages: 20
                  }).on('page', function (evt, page) {
                      $('#enable-disable-pagination-content').text('Page ' + page);
                  $('#enable-pagination').click(function () {
                  $('#disable-pagination').click(function () {


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